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Insurance Information - know your rights!

Here are some important points to note when working with Insurance Companies to get your repairs done.

  • You can name North Canterbury Collision Repair Centres as the repairer of your choice to your Insurance Company and you have no obligation to accept any repairer they nominate for you.
  • Insurance companies insist on a repairer being reputable, competent and reliable. North Canterbury Collision Repair Centres certainly are, and we offer a full Guarantee on any work we undertake on the vehicle, under current vehicle ownership.
  • Membership with Collision Repair Association (CRA) assures you of these qualities. North Canterbury Collision Repairs Centres are members of this organisation.


The Process of Insurance Repairs

The following will help you understand the processes we may need to use to take your vehicle from its damaged state to fully repaired. Making the entire process easy for you is what we love to do, so here's what to expect during the process:

  • An insurance claim is made, next contact us at North Canterbury Collision Repair Centre for an estimate.
  • We also offer free pickup and delivery of your vehicle.
  • An assessment is then submitted from us to your Insurance Company.
  • Repairs may then be authorised from your Insurance Company.
  • We order the parts required to undertake your repairs and carry out the work required.
  • Payment of any excess is applicable at this time and we will keep you fully informed of your vehicles progress.
  • Your vehicle we then be available for pickup and delivery.

Advice on Legal Obligations

  • If you collide with another vehicle you must stop, see if anyone is hurt and render assistance to an injured person.
  • You must also give your name and address to a Police Officer if attending and if someone is hurt you must report the accident to the Police within 24 hours.
  • If you damage another person’s vehicle or property, you must advise the owner or the Police within 48 hours.
  • For minor accidents, drivers should exchange names, addresses, insurance companies and registration numbers.


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